Welcome to my kennel!
My name is Laila Strömberg and I live in Järfälla i Stockholm with my family. I have two children that both have moved out and share my intrest for dogs. I have taken over this kennel from Gunilla Persson. I have had a gre
at love for dogs my whole life. 1978 I got my first dog, the german shepherd named Roy. Since that time the breeds in my house has varied from big to small. Today I have 2 rottweilers Just Ask Ronda, Kylie Von Der Herash and 2 rhodesian ridgeback Bibords Abla & Skallbjörnens Allstar Lucy in my kennel .

My first rottweiler female came from Skallbjörnen's kennel. Gunilla whised that someone of her buyers would take over her kennel when she had decided to stop her breeding. I had been thinking about starting a kennel so it felt very good tske over Skallbjörnen's kennel. My promise to her was that I would try to use the lines from the Skallbjörnen dogs.

My goal and promise to Gunilla and all my future buyers is that I will breed healty and with good mentality. And that my dogs and puppies will be socialtrained with humans, dogs and other animals. The goal with my breeding is to breed dogs that are suiteable for sport and show and to find suiteable owners. Offcourse it is not only competing that my dogs will be used for they should also be loved familymembers.

I hope that you all will enjoy my website. Leave a pawprint in my guestbook, they are allways very nice to read. They can even make a kennelowner really happy! I hope that my future buyers will be pleased with my as a breeder. I can promise to do my best to assist you as much as I can.
With best regards, Laila Strömberg